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XNPV function in Excel


If you made an investment that pays serious of cash flows, particularly not periodic, by using the XNPV function, you can calculate the net present value for the investment. To calculate the NPV for serious of periodic regular payment, use the NPV function.


XNPV(rate, values, dates)

The XNPV function has the following arguments:

rate – Required. The discount rate to be used to find the NPV of irregular cash flows.

values – Required. The serious of cash flows including the first initial investment represented as negative payment and subsequent positive payments or income.

dates – Required. Dates that correspond to the cash flow payments


The investment with the above terms has the XNPV valued of 1043.531.

Function Errors

Error Occurs
#VALUE! If any supplied argument is non-numeric.
If any supplied date is invalid.
#NUM! If the discount rate is missing in the function.
If any number in dates precedes the starting date.
If values and dates contain a different number of values.

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