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Will and Would

What is Will?

Will is a type of auxiliary verbs known as modal verbs. Could, shall, might, may, can and must are among other modal verbs. Modal verbs don’t have their own meaning but they act as helpers to modify meanings of other verbs. Will is used for situations when you are certain about future that something is surely is going to take place.

For example: ‘I will go to the station and pick them up tomorrow’. When someone uses will he is committed to make that happen.

Use of Will

  • To talk about future or to say which we believe to happen in future. ‘He will come home this weekend’.
  • To talk about what we or others want to do or are willing to do. ‘We will come to your office tomorrow’.
  • To make promises and offers.  ‘I will give you my laptop, once I’m done with my work’.  
  • Used in first conditional sentences,  for cause and effect in unchangeable situations. ‘if it rains, everything will get wet’.
  • To make a request with the pronoun ‘you’ in the question form. ‘Will you please lend me your camera?’

What is Would?

Would is also an English modal verb. It is a past tense/ form of will. Would is used in many different situations like: requests, invitations, permissions etc. It is also used in second and third conditional sentences, which we use to talk about unlikely or imaginary situations.

Use of Would

  • While talking about past. ‘She hoped her dad will come’.
  • To talk about things which are imagined rather than true? ‘You would lose weight if you do more exercise’.
  • To express desire or intent. ‘She said she would give me a call’ or ‘Someday I would go to MIT’.
  • To indicate uncertainty. ‘She would seem to be getting smart’.
  • For politeness ‘Would you mind closing the door’?
  • To express a habitual action done in the past. ‘Every morning we would walk in that park’.


Will and would both are modal verbs, a form of auxiliary verbs. Will is used to talk about definite future actions. Will is used to talk about desire, choice, consent, willingness, capability and probability. While would is used to express a wish or desire or to make a polite request. Both can be used in conditional sentences. In some situations both will and would can be used, but using would is more polite.

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