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Weighted Average

By using the combination of the SUMPRODUCT function and the SUM function, we can calculate the weighted average for a set of numbers.

Follow these steps to calculate the weighted average:

1– Type =SUMPRODUCT in cell B12, select the cell range B5:B9 against array1 argument and C5:C9 against [array2] argument of the function.

 2– Add slash “/” next to the function and type “=SUM”, select cell range C5:C9 against the number1 argument of the SUM function.

3– Result.

How the formula works

The formula (=SUMPRODUCT(B5:B9*C5:C9)/SUM(C5:C9)) used has combination of two functions:

  • the SUMPRODUCT function multiples arrays together and sums the result, and,
  • the SUM function calculates the sum of all weight.

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