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Vision and Mission Statement

Vision and mission narrate organization’s desired state and summarize goals and objectives, these are the statements that describe who we are, what we want to do, and where are we going. Clear vision and mission statement with effective communication within the organization, helps stakeholders (like employees, directors etc.) to understand their domain of responsibility.

What is Vision Statement?

Vision statement of the organization identifies the ideal position to reach within the medium term to longer term. It is the long term aspiration of the organization.

What is Mission Statement?

A statement by the organization that outlines the organization’s fundamental objectives or purpose which are consistent with its vision statement.

According to Drucker, four questions an organization needs to address in its mission statement are:

  1. What is our business?
  2. What will our business be?
  3. What is valued by the customer?
  4. What should our business be?

Difference between Vision and Mission Statement

Nature Vision Mission
About Long-term inspiration of the organization Outlines fundamental objectives of the organization
Purpose Identifies ideal position that the organization wants to achieve Define present purpose and state of the organization
Time For medium term or long term Not time assigned
Used To formulate mission statement To formulate goals and objective and shorter term targets
Answers What are we?, What we want? How we serve customer ? Where do we aim to be?, Where we will be in the future?
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