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How to use fractions in Excel

Sometime, you may need to use fraction format instead of decimals. For this do the following steps:

1. Select a range of cells where you want fraction format.

(To learn how to select cells, ranges, rows, and columns click here)

2. Press Ctrl + 1 (or go to Home tab, in Number section, click on the Dialog Box Launcher)

3. In Format Cells box, select Number tab, from Category list, click on Fraction then select your desired type and press Ok.

Available fraction formats in Excel

Fraction format This format displays 123.456 as
Single-digit fraction 123 1/2, rounding to the nearest single-digit fraction value
Double-digit fraction 123 26/57, rounding to the nearest double-digit fraction value
Triple-digit fraction 123 57/125, rounding to the nearest triple-digit fraction value
Fraction as halves 123 1/2
Fraction as quarters 123 2/4
Fraction as eighths 123 4/8
Fraction as sixteenths 123 7/16
Fraction as tenths 123 5/10
Fraction as hundredths 123 46/100

You may also write in fraction by adding zero (o) before the values, for example, to write 1/2, you will type 0 1/2.

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