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TODAY function in Excel


TODAY function is useful when you need a current date in a worksheet and it remains updated whenever you open the worksheet.

You can also get a static date that would not change by pressing Ctrl + ; button.



It has no argument, all you need to do is just type =TODAY() in a separate cell and press Enter.


Formula Description Result
=TODAY() Returns with the today’s date 7/20/2017
=TODAY()+2 Returns with a current date plus 2 days. For example, if the current date is 7/19/2017, the formula returns the date of 7/21/2017. 7/22/2017
=DAY(TODAY()) Returns with the current day of the month. 20
=MONTH(TODAY()) Returns with the current month of the year. 7
=YEAR(TODAY()) Returns with the current year. 2017



Difference between NOW function and TODAY function

NOW function returns with current date and time with in a single cell whereas TODAY function returns with current date only.

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