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Than and Then

Than and then look quite similar words, but there is a difference between both in their usage and meaning.

What is Than?

The word ‘than’ is a conjunction which is used for second term comparisons. For example:

  • She is older than me.
  • Ryan’s car is bigger than mine.
  • He is taller than his elder brother.
  • I like reading more than writing.
  • Nowadays students like playing video games more than playing games outdoors.

What is Then?

The word ‘then’ is related to time. Most commonly, it is used as an adverb. But it has many different meanings in different contexts. It can be used to

  • Refer time, e.g. Life was beautiful then, because we all were together. She was going shopping with Sara, but then she refused.
  • Introduce another part of discourse, e.g. First add milk, then add sugar. First, I will watch TV and then I will wash dishes.
  • To give an additional information, e.g. She was busy in the kitchen and then her son got injured while playing
  • Show consequence or a logical result of something If you clean your teeth regularly then you won’t have cavities.

Difference Between Than and Then

Than Then
It is a conjunction It is an adverb
It is used to compare things it is used to refer time, show consequence, give additional information

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