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TEXT function in Excel

Converts a numeric value to a specified text format. Most commonly, it is used to display numbers in a readable format or combine numbers with text or symbols.



TEXT(value, format_text)

The TEXT function syntax has the following arguments:

value – The value to be converted into text.

format_text – The desired format of the value.

Format Codes

Use the Format Cells dialog for available format codes in Excel.

1- Press Ctrl + 1 to open the Format Cells dialog.

2- Select your option from the number tab.

3- For custom format, select the Custom option and select your desired code. Make sure that you do not copy the semicolon (;) and @ symbol.

4- Press Ctrl + C  to copy the format cell and dismiss the dialog box by pressing the ‘esc’ button.

5- Paste the selected format by pressing Ctrl + V into the TEXT function. Like: =TEXT(B2,“d-mmm-yy”) and do not forget to add quotes (“format code”) otherwise Excel will display error.

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