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Text wrapping & rotation in Google Sheets

This lesson explains text wrapping and rotation feature in Google Sheets with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Text wrapping

The text wrapping feature enables you to adjust overflowed data into a single cell. To wrap text, do the following steps:

1- Select a cell where you wish to wrap text in.

2- In the Format tab, go to the Text wrapping option. A sub-menu will appear, select Wrap.

3- Result. The selected text have been wrapped.

Rotate text in a cell

To rotate text in a cell, do the following:

1- Select the cell in which you wish to rotate a text.

2- Visit Format tab then Text rotation. A sub-menu with different options will appear.

Tilt up

Tilt down

Other options

Similarly, you can also rotate up, rotate down, stack vertically and at your desired angle.

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