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Text Functions in Excel

If you want to manipulate text strings, Excel has many useful text functions to fulfill your needs.


Use the RIGHT function to extract most right character of a text string.

Syntax =RIGHT(text,[num_chars]) where num_chars (option) is numbers of character to extract, like 7 in our above example.


To extract left most character, use the LEFT function.


MID function is used to extract middle characters from a text string.


Use LEN function to get the length (number of character) of a text string.


Get month name from date

You may also get month name by using TEXT function.

Capitalize each starting letter of a text string

The PROPER function capitalizes each starting letter of a text string while ignoring numbers and punctuation.

Find the largest value

Use LARGE function to find k-th largest value, based on its position in data, e.g. 2nd largest value etc.



Turn negative to positive

Use ABS function to turn negative values to positive.

Join different text strings

CONCATENATE function is used to join different text strings.

Remove non-printable characters

Use CLEAN function for this.


Compare different text strings

EXACT function is used to compare different text strings or values and results with TRUE if strings are exactly same otherwise it will return FALSE.


Excel will show TRUE if both values match otherwise FALSE will appear.

For lowercase letters

Use LOWER function to get all text strings with lower case letters.


Uppercase function

Use UPPER case function to get the text in uppercase.



Replace a specific text

SUBSTITUTE function is used to replace a specific text in a text string. For example, you can replace an article “a” with “the” in the text string.



Remove irregular spaces

Use TRIM function to remove irregular spaces between words.



Count number of characters in a text string

Use the LEN function, to count all characters given in a text string.

Convert a number to text

The DOLLAR function converts a number to text, at different decimal places.



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