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TBILLPRICE function in Excel


The TBILLPRICE function calculates the price of a Treasury bill. The Treasury bill is a short term debt security, issued and backed by the central government. It pays no interest rather yield the return on redemption (or expiry).


TBILLPRICE(settlement, maturity, discount)

The TBILLPRICE has the following arguments:

settlement – Required. After the issuance date, it is the date on which the T-bill is traded to the buyer.

maturity – Required. The date of expiry. The date on which the T-bill matures.

discount – Required. The discount rate of the T-bill.


The Treasury bill with the above terms has the price of $96.17.

Related Functions

TBILLYIELD function calculates the yield for a Treasury bill.

Function Errors

Error Occurs
#VALUE! If the supplied settlement/ maturity date is invalid.
If any supplied argument is non-numeric.
#NUM! If the supplied discount rate is equal or less than zero.
If the maturity date is more than 1 year.
If the settlement date is equal or after the maturity date.

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