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TBILLEQ function in Excel


The TBILLEQ function calculates the bond-equivalent yield for a Treasury bill. It is a Financial function and used to compare a Treasury bill’s yield with a bond’s yield.


TBILLEQ(settlement, maturity, discount)

The TBILLEQ function has the following arguments:

settlement – Required. The date on which the Treasury bill traded to the buyer.

maturity – Required. The Treasury bill’s maturity date. The date on which the T-bill expires.

discount – Required. The discount rate of the Treasury bill.


Result. The T-bill based on the above terms has the bond-equivalent yield of 8.01%.

Function Errors

Error Occurs
#VALUE! If the supplied settlement/ maturity date is invalid.
If any supplied argument is non-numeric.
#NUM! If the discount argument is equal to or smaller than zero.
If the settlement date is equal or after the maturity date.

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