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YEARFRAC function in Excel

Use To get a fractional value representing fractional years between two dates, YEARFRAC function is used. For example, by using the function, you can get a fractional year of 0.5 in a separate cell from two dates of 30-Jun-2016 and 31-Dec-2016. Syntax =YEARFRAC(start_date, end_date, [basis]) start_date – The start date end_date – The end date […]

YEAR function in Excel

Use YEAR function is used to extract 4-digit year number from a given Excel’s format date. For example, from a date of 30-Dec-1991, you can extract the year of 1991 only in another cell. Syntax =YEAR(date) Where (date) is Excel’s format date from which you will extract year only. Example Formula: Results: Related posts: DAY […]

HOUR function

Use HOUR function is used to extract an hour component between  0 (12:00 A.M.) to 23 (11:00 P.M.), from a given time. For example, from a time of 3:30 AM, you may extract an hour of 3 in a cell. Syntax HOUR(serial_number) serial_number is a time format in Excel from which you want to extract an […]

DAY function

Use DAY function is used to extract a day number (1 to 31) from a date given. For example, from the given date of 12/2/2020, you may extract only the day number of “2” by using the DAY function. Syntax =DAY(seriel_number) where “seriel_number” is the reference of a cell with a date in Excel format from […]

DATE function

Use To enter a date in a cell, “/”  or “-” characters are used. By default, a month comes first before a date in Excel’s date format. You may also use DATE function to combine three different values (of date, month and year) to form a date. Syntax =DATE (year, month, day) where arguments are: year […]

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