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TIME function in Google Sheets

The TIME function enables you to get the time value from a given hour, minute and second components. For example, the syntax TIME(hour, minute, second) results hour:minute:second. For related time functions, visit this page. Syntax TIME(hour, minute, second) hour – Required. The hour component of the required time value. minute – Required. The minute component […]

Excel DATEVALUE Function

Sometimes, when you import data in Excel from an external source or enter a date in a cell that is formatted as text. In result, Excel keeps the date as text formatted and shows as left-aligned in a cell (instead of showing right-aligned). In case, if you do not change the text format, you may […]

MONTH Function in Excel

Use The MONTH function returns with the month number from 1 to 12. Syntax MONTH(serial_number) where (serial_number) is a valid date in Excel format. Example Formula: Result: Copy and paste the formula in other cells. Common Error If you enter the date in text format or in an unrecognized format, Excel will show the #VALUE! […]

TIMEVALUE function in Excel

Use Returns with an accurate text value in the decimal number of the time, for example, the formulas, “=TIMEVALUE (9:45 AM)” will return with the decimal time value of “0.40625”. Text string of time in Excel In Excel, if just two values are given with semicolon (e.g. 12:30), this represents 12 hours and 30 minutes […]


Use NETWORKDAYS Function returns with a number of working days between two dates after excluding weekends and holidays. Syntax =NETWORKDAYS (start_date, end_date, [holidays]) where, start_date – The start date end_date – The end date [holidays] – The optional argument, use to mention non-working days/ holidays. Example Formula: Results: Common Error #VALUE! occurs when the supplied […]

NOW function in Excel

Use NOW function returns with the current date and time which is keep updated whenever you open the worksheet. Syntax =NOW() which has no argument. Example Formula Description Result =NOW() Returns with current date and time. 7/20/2017 14:00 =NOW()+5 Returns with the 5 days later date and time. 7/25/2017 14:00 Formula: Result: Related posts: TODAY […]

TODAY function in Excel

Use TODAY function is useful when you need a current date in a worksheet and it remains updated whenever you open the worksheet. You can also get a static date that would not change by pressing Ctrl + ; button. Syntax =TODAY() It has no argument, all you need to do is just type =TODAY() in […]

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