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Sum values specified by a year (Sum if by year)

To sum values specified by a year, The SUMIFS function will be used with two criteria. In our example, we will sum year wise sold units of a product.

1– Type ‘=SUMIFS’ and press ‘tab’ button.

2– Select values to sum against criteria.

3– Press ‘,‘ symbol and define the range to be tested against criteria1.

4– Specify the criteria1, that is “>=”&DATE(2018,1,1), which means sum all those units that have been sold on Jan 01, 2018 or after.

5– Specify the 2nd range to be tested against criteria2.

6– Define the criteria2 i.e “<=”&date(2018,12,31), which means sum values which are equal to or smaller than Dec 31, 2018.

7– Press enter to get the results.

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