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Add different numerical values specified by criteria (Sum if between)

Use the SUMIFS function to add different numerical values specified by a set of conditions or criteria. For example, in our example, we will sum all those values which are greater than 100 and smaller than 200.

Follow these steps to get the desired result:

1– Select any cell, type ‘=SUMIFS’ and press ‘tab’ button to select the formula.

2– Select the range of cells to sum i.e. C4:C10.

3– After typing a ‘,’ symbol, select the range of cells to test against criteria i.e. sum value greater than 100.

4– Type a ‘,‘ symbol again then specify the condition (i.e. >100) using Excel’s logical operators (i.e. “=”,”>”,”>=”, etc.)

Note that both logical operators and threshold amount is enclosed in double quotes (” “).

5– Now 2nd criteria (i.e. sum value smaller than 200) range will be selected.

6– Specify the 2nd condition, that is “<200” means sum value smaller than 200.7– Press ‘Enter’ to get the result.

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