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Sum Functions in Excel

Quick Sum with Status Bar

Select the range of cells and look in the lower right corner of the Excel window to have a quick look at the sum, count, and average of the selected range of cells.


The SUMPRODUCT function first multiplies corresponding arrays, then returns with the sum.

(SUM Function) AutoSum by using a short key

For the AutoSum of a range of cells, follow these steps:

1- Go to a blank cell which should directly above or below the range that you want to sum then press “Alt + =” buttons.

2- Press Enter for Results.

(You can also do the same by going  to the Formulas tab and select AutoSum option in Function Library section)

SUMIF Function

To sum the range of cells with the one minimum criteria (e.g. sum numbers lower than 50), use SUMIF Function.


SUMIFS Function

To sum the range of cells by setting minimum two criteria (e.g. sum all unit sold of a product to one party in the same state), use the SUMIFS function.

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