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Statistical Functions in Excel


The COUNT function calculates how many values are present in the selected range of cells.

Count if

Use the COUNTIF function, to count cells based on a single criterion; e.g. count cells if equal to etc.

Count Blank

To highlight, how many blank cells are present in the selected range of cells, use the COUNTBLANK function.


Use the average function to get an average of numbers or range of cells.


The AverageIF function calculates an average of range of cells based on one condition, like you may exclude 9 to calculate average.


To figure out a small value of your choice (like first one or second one etc.) in your data, use the SMALL function. 

In above screenshot, the second smallest values were found by using the function.


To highlight the largest figure or second largest etc., use the LARGE function.

In the above-mentioned screenshot, the third largest figure was calculated by using the LARGE function.


To calculate median of data, use the MEDIAN function.


Use MODE function to find out mode of the selected values.

Standard Deviation

To calculate standard deviation, use the STDEVA function.

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