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Stationary and Stationery

Difference between Stationary and Stationery

Our two words today; stationary and stationery are pronounced similarly but that have totally different meanings. They are homophones. These words have only one letter difference between each other so, it is very important to use a correct word at the correct place.

When to Use Stationary

The word ‘stationary’ is an adjective and it means not moving, immobile or fixed at a place. For example,

  • Today, we stood stationary in the school assembly for half an hour.
  • They had to wait for hours in a stationary position for the bank door to open.
  •  The fish remained stationary in the aquarium for an hour.
  • Some birds can stay stationary in the air during flight for few minutes.

When to Use Stationery

Stationery is used as a noun. It refers to the office use materials like pens, pencils, paper, eraser, envelopes etc.

  • In order to compose this letter, she needs some stationery.
  • John is in charge of ordering our office stationery.
  • I am going to market today for buying some stationery.
  • Sam’s father has opened a new book and stationery shop.

How to Remember the Difference?

To remember the difference see that e in stationery is common in envelope, pen, paper.


Stationary means not moving, immobile or fixed at a place. It acts as an adjective.

Stationery refers to office equipment like envelopes, paper, pens etc. It acts as a noun.

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