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Sort data in a range or table

Sort is a feature in Excel, through which you can sort your data in following manners:

  • A to Z (Alphabetically)
  • Z to A
  • Smallest to Largest or Largest to Smallest
  • Oldest to Newest or Newest to Oldest e.g. sort by dates
  • Color
  • Custom (Own choice)

Sort by (One column)

You can sort data either in one column or multiple columns. To sort data in one column, execute following steps:

1- Select data range to sort.

2- In the Data tab, go to Sort & Filter section and select AZ.

Sort in Ascending Order

Short key alert: You can also perform the same task by pressing Alt + A + SA.

3- Result. Excel will sort the selected range in A to Z manner.

Note: For Z to A manner, select ZA.

Sort by (Multiple column)

To sort data from multiple columns, do following steps:

1- Select a range of cells.

2- In the Data tab, select Sort from the Sort & Filter section.

Click Sort

3- From the appeared Sort box, select the Patient Name and change order Z to A from the ‘Sort by’ drop-down list.

4- Result. Excel will sort all data in A to Z order with reference to column A (Patient Name).

Short key alert: You can also open the Sort box by pressing Alt + A + SS.

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