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Sort data in Google Sheets

The sort feature enables you to reorganize data. For example, you can sort data by arranging it either alphabetically or numerically.

To sort data, do the following steps:

1- Select the range of cells A2:B5.

2- In the Data tab, select Sort the range.

3- The sort window will appear. Mark tick if you have selected header row earlier otherwise keep it un-tick. Choose sort by options i.e. either A to Z or Z to A. Click Sort.

4- Result. The data sorts alphabetically.

Sort data by column

To sort data by column, skip to step #2 and select Sort range by column A.

Sort an entire sheet

If your sheet contains the header row, freeze the header first.

Click Data and select Sort sheet by column, A-Z (ascending) or Sort sheet by column, Z-A (descending).

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