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Search and Research

What is Difference Between Search and Research?

Search and research are two different words in the English language, Students get confused by the similar composition of both words. In this article, this is not all as there are many more differences between search and research.

What is “Search?”

Search is:

  • An act of find something, which has lost before or missing. For example, I am searching for my mobile
  • To explore through travel an unfamiliar area
  • To find food: The birds search for insects
  • To look for something for further study or research (A zoologist searches for specific species for research)

What is “Research?”

It is a systematic act of examining or questioning into a subject for improved (revise) fact, theory or application etc.

Characteristics of Research Work

Research work is usually based on following factors:

  • Systematic: Consist of sequential procedures like first define the problem then review the literature, clarify the problem, develop instrumental plans, collect data and finally analyze data for revise facts etc.
  • Empirical: Research is about experimentation or observation of theories.
  • Hypothesis: It is made to guide the investigation process.
  • Objectivity: Findings of research should be based on empirical.
  • Statistical Methods: These methods can be used to get understanding from data.
  • Assumptions: Sometime assumptions are made to get certain fact.


Let’s take our earlier example, a zoologist searches for squirrels to examine their behavior, characteristics or reproduction period. For this, he/she will follow a systematic process of research to analyze information to establish facts and to arrive at new conclusions.


Search is to look for something and Research is to look into it. Research is normally done by experts however, the search is made by everybody.



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