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Round a number to the decimal places in Excel

You may round a number to required decimal places, to disappear ###### symbols in cells or if you want to round the nearest major unit, for example, 99.6723 may be changed to 100. For this do the following steps:

1.  Select the cell to round a number to decimal places.

2. Do one of following:

  • Press one by one Alt, H & 0 to increase decimal and Alt, H & 9 to decrease decimal.  or
  • Go to Home tab, click increase or decrease decimal signs in Number section.

(You may round as many cells as you want by selecting cells first then do as mentioned in step 2)

Rounding a number by using a function in a formula

You may use ROUND function to round the nearest major unit, for example, suppose you have 475.1234 in cell A1, you may do the following:

For Hundreds,  type = ROUND(A1,-2) which equals 500


For Tens,  type = ROUND(A1,-1) which equals 480

For Ones, type = ROUND(A1,0) which equals 475

ROUNDUP function also works like ROUND function, except it always rounds a number up like 475.1234 to 476.


ROUNDDOWN function is used to rounds a number down like 475.1234 to 475.

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