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Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality control and quality assurance both are quality management activities, help to create a long-lasting relationship with the customer. Both terms are confused with each other, precise difference is provided as under:

What is Quality Control?

Quality control is an activity in which final product is evaluated against standard specifications for defect identification. In simple words, it is a product focused process to minimize defects and provides feedback on issues related to the quality problem. The good quality control system increases the confidence of all stakeholders on the company and its product. An example of quality control is an  inspection of product before delivery to customer etc.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is an activity which involves prevention of defects or mistakes in developing the final product by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the process. it is a process focused activity used to prevent defects. Examples of quality assurance are process audits and standard development etc.

Difference Between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality Control Quality Assurance
Definition  It is a process to evaluate the product against the standard specification. It ensures that Methods approaches, techniques are accurate.
Focus to identify defects to prevent defects
Responsibility Specific department is responsible for the quality of a product.  Everyone working in developing a project has a responsibility.
Oriented Product oriented Process oriented
Tool It is a corrective tool.  Managerial


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