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Principal and Principle

Principal and principle are a set of homophones which have completely different meanings. They are most often confused with each other.

Difference between Principal and Principle

In this post difference between both words will be discussed. Although they are pronounced the same way however,  they have quite different meanings.

When to Use Principal

The word ‘Principal’ is an adjective. It sometimes also acts as a noun.

For example,

  • Mr. Ali is the principal of a government college.
  • The principal’s office is fully decorated.
  • The principle of our college was invited to a seminar.

In finance, the principal is a loan amount that is required to pay back.

For example,

  • Bank loan consist of the principal and interest amount.

When to Use Principle

It is a noun, which includes different meanings like standard, rule, code of conduct or general law.

A principle is a code of conduct or rule
  • Mr. jones is a man of principle.
  • His lifestyle is founded on the principle of honesty and simplicity.

Comparison Chart

Principal Principle
What is meant by a word? Adjective Noun, rule, standard
Similar words (Synonyms) Main, chief, primary Truth, concept, ethics, fundamental believe, rule
How to remember the difference? Think of a common in principal, main and primary Think of le common in principle and rule


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