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Prepositions and Conjunctions


A preposition is a word which is used with a noun or pronoun to express the relationship between parts of a sentence. It is used to show position, place, time or method. It is usually placed before a noun. Following examples will let you know position and function of prepositions.

  • The girl from Italy.
  • The pen on the table.
  • People at Azadi square.
  • The door behind the wall.

In the above examples, you can see the connection between a noun with the other noun shown by the use of a preposition. In the English language, there are many prepositions that can be used in different situations. Some commonly used prepositions are in, on, at, above, below, against, around, at, along, among, behind, below, before, beneath, beside, being, by, during, between,  down, since, for, ago, to, till, until.


A conjunction is a word which acts as a link between words, phrases, clauses or sentences together.

  • I need a notebook, a pencil, and a pencil an eraser.
  • John needs a bike for going to college.
  • I tried very hard but could not get A grade.
  • You can have chocolate cake or almond cake.

As you can see in the above examples, function of a conjunction is to connect the different parts of a sentence. There are several kinds of conjunctions.

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