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Percentage Formula in Excel

Percentage formula in Excel is used to show a relationship between two number in percentage, for example, out of 100, 40 will be 40 percentage of the total. let’s do the function in Excel:

1. To find out a monthly percentage of the total yearly sale (for Jan sale, you will divide $1,000 with $12,500), select the cell D2 and enter the percentage formula.

2. After press Enter button, the answer will not be in the Percentage format.

3. For the Percentage format, do one of the following:

  • Press one by one, Ctrl, H, and P. or
  • Go to the Home tab, in Number section, select Percentage sign.

8% means that sale in the month of January is $1,000 which is 8% of the total yearly sale of $12,500.

(Note: As we need the percentage of the total yearly sale, so denominator (which is the total yearly sale) in the formula, should remain same, for this, to stagnant the denominator, press F4, after selecting the B14 cell in the formula.)

4. For each month percentage, do one of following:

  • Click on the right bottom of cell D2 and drag it down to cell D13. or
  • Press Ctrl + after selecting the D2 cell (where you have been applied the formula), select the cell ranges where you want to paste the formula (in our example cell ranges are D3 to D13) and press Ctrl + V.

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