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Group data in Excel

To present data in a well-organized way or to show the only relevant data, use the group feature in Excel. In this illustration, we will first learn how to group then un-group data mentioned in the below screenshot. 1- Select data range that you want to group. 2- Go to the Data Tab, in the […]

Data Table in Excel – Setting up Two Variable

Previously, we have illustrated the Data Table usage with one variable. In this example, we will illustrate how to use the Data Table feature with two variables. Suppose, you sell a vehicle at $100,000, out of which 60% is your operational cost (1st variable) and 5% is selling cost, resulting in a profit figure of […]

Data Tables in Excel

If you have a final value based on different variables, the Data Table feature will help to see the impact of changing variables on the final value. Instead of testing each variable individually, the data table feature will let you see the impact at glance without even changing original data. For example, suppose you sell […]

Scenario Manager in Excel

If you have a final value based on different variables, by using the Scenario Manager tool you can see the impact of changing variables on final value without changing the actual data. For example, you sell a product at $500 each and 60% of product price incurred as its cost. But what if the cost […]

How to use Goal Seek in Excel for What-If analysis

What is Excel Goal Seek? If you know a final value that a formula produces but does not know the input value to be used in that formula to get the final value, use the Excel Goal Seek built-in feature. For example, suppose you sold Product A for 5$ each and earned a profit of […]

Consolidate in Excel

To consolidate data from different sheets into a one master sheet, execute the following steps: 1- Make sure that source data is arranged correctly. If you want the Excel’s consolidate feature to work accurately then ensure that each sheet has a similar layout, in which each column should contain similar data along with the header […]

How to limit text length in excel

Main Lesson: Data Validation in Excel To restrict a user to enter a limited text length, execute the following steps: 1- Select the range of cells A3:A7. 2- In the Data tabs, from the Data Tools section, select the Data Validation. 3- From the appeared Data Validation box, select Text length from the Allow option, […]

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