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ENCODEURL function in Excel

Use Converts URL to coded form. Description URL encoding is carried to replace the special character, such as “,“,”/“,”#” and so on, which either has it’s own special meaning or not a valid character for URL. You may encode your desired URL by using either ENCODEURL function in Excel or from websites like etc. […]

Statistical Functions in Excel

Count The COUNT function calculates how many numbers are present in the selected range of cells. Count Blank To highlight, how many blank cells are present in the selected range of cells, use the COUNTBLANK function. Average Use the average function to get an average of numbers or range of cells. AverageIF The AverageIF function […]

Logical functions in Excel

Boolean Operator Functions AND Tests number of logical conditions set by a user. OR Tests multiple logical conditions at the same time. Boolean Operator Functions IFChecks whether a specified condition is met or not.

IF function in Excel

Use The IF function checks whether a specified condition is met or not Description The IF function is a logical function, where you first set a logical condition to test, for example, you may set a condition that; If 50 is equal to a cell A1’s value in worksheet then show “Right” otherwise “Wrong”.  The IF […]

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