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RECEIVED function

RECEIVED function calculates the amount of return at maturity of fully invested security. Syntax =RECEIVED(settlement, maturity, investment, discount, [basis]) where, settlement means the settlement date of a security when it is traded to the buyer, maturity means the maturity date of the security, investment means the invested amount, discount is the security’s discount rate, and […]

FVSCHEDULE function in Excel

Use FVSCHEDULE function returns the future value of an investment (an initial principal) after applying series of compound interest rates. Syntax FVSCHEDULE(principal, schedule) where, principal means the initial amount of investment, and schedule is an array of compound interest rates to apply. Example Formula: Result: Common Error Excel returns with #VALUE!, if we put non-numaric value in […]

INTRATE function in Excel

Use INTRATE function is used to calculate the interest rate for a fully invested security. Syntax =INTRATE(settlement, maturity, investment, redemption, [basis]) settlement – The date at which security after issuance is traded to the buyer. maturity – The maturity date of the security. investment – The investment made by the buyer in the security. redemption […]

NPV function in Excel

Use NPV function calculates the net present value of an investment by using a discount rate and a series of future payments. Syntax =NPV(rate,value1,[value2],…) – Investment value rate – The discount rate for over one period. value1,[value2],… – The numeric values representing series of regular payments and income where in payments are in negative and […]

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