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Convert numbers to text format in Excel

By default, Excel shows number format to a right corner of a cell and text format to left. Follow these steps to convert numbers to a text format: Method 1 1. Select range of cells. 2. To open Format Cell box, press Ctrl + 1, then select Text from Category list and press OK. 3. Result. Method 2 […]

Convert text to numbers in Excel

Excel by default align text format to a left corner of a cell and you may see the cell with a green triangle. This may result is formatting problems and formulas having text format with unexpected results. To learn, how to convert text to numbers, follow these steps: Method 1 1. Select a text format […]

How to use fractions in Excel

Sometime, you may need to use fraction format instead of decimals. For this do the following steps: 1. Select a range of cells where you want fraction format. (To learn how to select cells, ranges, rows, and columns click here) 2. Press Ctrl + 1 (or go to Home tab, in Number section, click on […]

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