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Excel ROW function

The ROW function returns the row number for a reference. For example, =ROW(B2) returns ‘2’ because B2 is the second row in the spreadsheet. Syntax ROW([reference]) Where [reference] is the optional argument. It is the cell reference or the range of cells for which you want row number. If omitted, Excel returns ROW number of […]

Excel DATEVALUE Function

Sometimes, when you import data in Excel from an external source or enter a date in a cell that is formatted as text. In result, Excel keeps the date as text formatted and shows as left-aligned in a cell (instead of showing right-aligned). In case, if you do not change the text format, you may […]

HLOOKUP Function in Excel

HLOOKUP function is similar to the VLOOKUP function, however, the only difference is that it looks up and retrieves data from a selected horizontal row, instead of a vertical column. Example For example, data mentioned in the screenshot below has item related detail. By using the HLOOKUP function, you can easily look up for a […]

LOOKUP function in Excel

The LOOKUP function looks up for a value in a column or row and returns a corresponding value from the same position in another column or row. For example, if you know the name of a product but does not know its price, by using the LOOKUP function you can find the price of the […]

Things to remember about VLOOKUP

In the previous lesson, we learned the basics of the VLOOKUP function. In this section, we will make you familiar with the important characteristics of the VLOOKUP. Absolute references increases usability You may need to look up for more than one value. For this, you will first need to change table_array relative reference into absolute […]

VLOOKUP Function in Excel

Suppose, you have a data table with the following information: student name, ID, total marks and marks obtained. By using the VLOOKUP function, we can look up marks obtained of a student by mentioning his/her ID only. How the function work? When you deal with a huge amount of data, instead of inputting data manually, […]

Data Analysis in Excel

In this section, Excel’s data analysis features are mentioned, click the needed feature and see its usage illustrated with easy examples. Sort Data Sort data in a range or table Sort by Color in Excel Sort by dates in Excel Filter Data How to filter in Excel Filter by color in Excel Number and Text […]

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