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Number and Text Filter in Excel

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Number and Text Filter is used to display results that meet certain criteria e.g. show values greater than 500 or show only those rows that contain “specific text” etc.

To execute the number and text filter, execute following steps:

1- Select data and press Alt + A + T. Or go to the Data tab, in the Sort & Filter section, press Filter.

Arrows will appear in columns’ header.

Number Filter

For a number filter, execute following steps:

2- Press the arrow button in the sale column. A sort menu will open.

3- Go to the Number Filter option and select less than from the list.

4- Enter 5000 and click OK.

5- Result. Excel will show the result where sale is less than 5000.

Note: Other available options for a number filter are: Equal to, Does not Equal to, Greater Than, Greater Than or Equal to, Less Than or Equal to, Between, Top 10, Above Average, Below Average, and, Custom Filter.

Text Filter

For a text filter e.g. filter data that contains the word “Qtr 2” only, execute these steps:

2- Select Equals, from the drop down menu of Text Filters.

3- Enter “Qtr 2” and press OK.

4- Excel will show rows only that contain “Qtr 2” in column D.

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