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NOT function in Excel


The NOT function is a logical function and returns the opposite of a given logical value i.e. if supplied with the value TRUE, the function returns the FALSE and vice-versa. The function is very helpful to increase the usefulness of other logical functions like IF, AND or OR etc.



logical – Required. A logical or numerical value to be evaluated as TRUE or FALSE.


Firstly, we will illustrate the NOT function by using itself.

Example 1

Secondly, we will increase the usefulness of IF, AND and OR functions by using the function.

Example 2

The formula above states that IF the value in cell A2 is greater than 1 (TRUE), AND less than 90 (TRUE), so NOT reverses both arguments to FALSE and returns the message “No match”.

For more examples, visit Microsoft Office website.

Function Errors

Excel returns the #VALUE! error if the supplied argument is not valid or logical.

Related Functions

AND function tests a number of logical conditions set by a user.

FALSE function returns the Boolean value False.

IF function checks whether a specified condition is met or not.

IFERROR function returns a specified value if an error found; otherwise, returns the result of the formula. 

OR function tests multiple logical conditions at the same time.

TRUE function returns the logical value TRUE and often used when you want the value TRUE based on a condition.

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