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Need and Want

People use ‘need’ and ‘want’ interchangeably when talking about owning or acquiring certain things. However, these two terms are absolutely different from each other.

What is Need?

A need is something that is a must have, that you can’t live without. For example, you need food to survive because you cannot live without it. You might not need a lot of food but, you at least need to eat for survival.

What is Want?

A want means something you would like to have. It is something a person desires to have. It is not like you can’t live without but would be better if you get that. For example, some people think music as their need because they think they can’t do without it. But, it is not a need, one can survive without it.

Difference between Need and Want

A want varies from person to person. You may want ice cream but your friend might not want it. Each person has its own list of wants but needs are common for every person. Moreover, wants of a person may change over time, however,¬†needs are constant throughout a person’s lifetime.

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