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Name a cell range in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, by creating a named range you can simplify your formulas. For example, instead of using the “=sum(A1:A5)” you can simply the formula to “=Sum(Sale)” by using the Named ranges feature.

Named range

To create a named range, execute the following steps:

1- Select the range of cells A1:A5.

2- In the Data tab, select Named ranges. A menu will appear on the right side.

3- Type name to be given to the selected range and click done.

4- Result. Now you can use the named range “Sale” in a formula instead of using the range reference “A1:A5”.

Edit or delete a named range

To edit or delete a named range, execute the following steps:

1- In the Data tab, click Named ranges.

2- Select the named range that you want to edit or delete.

3- To delete the named range, click Delete.

4- To edit, rename the range and click Done.

For more detailed information, visit Google official website.

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