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Move or copy worksheets or worksheet data

Move or Copy worksheet command is used to move or copy entire worksheet (also known as a sheet) to another area/ location of the same workbook or another workbook. You can either use Cut or Copy option to perform the command.

Move or copy worksheets to another location in the same workbook

To do the said above, follow these steps:

1.  Select the sheet that you want to move or copy by clicking on the title bar of the sheet. (To copy or move all sheets, press Ctrl and click one by one on all name tabs of sheets.)

2. In Home tab, click Format in Cells section and select Move or Copy Sheet.

3. In Move or Copy dialog box, right click on the sheet that should be before moved or copied sheet. You may click on (move to end) to move or copy sheet at the end.

 4. Press Ok to move the sheet. If you want to create a copy of the sheet then click Create a copy option box in Move or Copy dialog box.

After clicking OK, the new copied sheet will indicate 2 with its namelike the first copy that you make of Sheet1 is named Sheet1 (2).

Move or copy worksheets to another workbook

Same steps will be repeated as mentioned before except, in step 4, you will select another workbook from the drop down menu to move or copy the current worksheet.

To move the sheet in the new workbook, you will select (new book) option.

Move or copy a portion of worksheet to another

1.  Select date and press Ctrl + C to copy the date.

2. Go to the area where you want to paste the data and press Ctrl + V.

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