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Keep source formatting while copying data in Excel

When you copy data, this function helps to keep source formatting (like column width even formulas etc. of copied data) in pasted section.

1. Select data range that you want to copy with formatting and press Ctrl + C. (or right click on the selected area and select Copy option)

As you can see in the above screenshot ,we have formatting like different columns width,  different border line, and sum formula in monthly sale column.

2. Select another three columns where you want to keep same formatting and press Ctrl + Alt + V. (or press one by one Alt, E, and S)

3. From Paste Special box, select Formats option (or press T) and press Enter button or Click on OK button.

4. Excel will copy the same format as copied area.

To learn how to copy and paste values, click here.

Copy and paste formulas

To copy and paste formulas in values, do the above mentioned steps except in step 3 where you will select Formulas option or press F (instead of Formats option) and press Enter or Ok.

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