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Insert image in Google Sheets

The insert image feature enables you to associate an image with a particular information. For example, you can add a company logo along with its name and related information.

You can insert an image in a cell in a way that when you filter, move and resize data, the inserted image also filter, move and resize.

To insert an image, do the following steps:

1- Select a cell where you want to insert an image.

2- Click Insert tab and go to the Image option. A sub-menu will open, select Image in cell option.

3- Insert image box will appear. After uploading a saved image or inserting URL, click select.

4- Result.

For more detailed information, you may visit Google official website.

Move an image

To move an image from one cell to another cell, use copy and paste.

To move an image from inside a cell to over the cells, click right on the image, click Put image over cells.

To move an image from over the cells to inside a cell:

1- Click the cell where you want to move inside an image.

2- Click on the image, click on three dotted icon on top right corner of the image and select Put image in a selected cell.

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