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Information Functions in Excel

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Numerical Information Functions

NConverts a value to a number, using pre-determined rules.
ISNUMBERChecks whether a cell has a number or text value.
ISODD Checks whether a cell’s data has odd or even numbers.
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Other Data Type Functions

ISLOGICALTests whether a value is a logical or not.
ISTEXT Tests whether a value is a text or not.
ISBLANKChecks whether a cell is empty or not.
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Error Information Functions

ISERRORChecks whether a value is an error or not.
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General Information Functions

INFOReturns with information about the current operating environment like the number of active worksheets, excel file directory, operating system info and so on.
CELLReturns with cell’s information regarding formatting, location, and contents etc.

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