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How to use Goal Seek in Excel for What-If analysis

What is Excel Goal Seek?

If you know a final value that a formula produces but does not know the input value to be used in that formula to get the final value, use the Excel Goal Seek built-in feature.

For example, suppose you sold Product A for 5$ each and earned a profit of 200$ after selling 100 units.

For the coming year, you set a new profit target of 500$. To calculate how many products are required to sell for earning of that profit figure, use the Goal Seek feature.

How to use Goal Seek in Excel

1- Go to the Data tab, in the Data Tools sections, select What-If Analysis.

2- Drop down menu will open. Select Goal Seek.

3- Goal Seek Box will appear having following options:

Set cell – The reference to the cell contains formula.

To value – The desired target to achieve (Formula result).

By changing cell – The reference of the cell in which you need adjustment.

4- Select cell references and enter targeted profit figure in the Goal Seek box. Press OK.

5- Result. 250 units of product A require to earn the targeted profit of 500$.

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