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How to remove duplicates in excel

In this example, you will learn how to remove duplicate values from a data set in Excel.

Note: Whenever you remove duplicates, Excel delete them permanently. So before removing duplicates, a suggested way to save from a permanent delete is that copy the original data to another worksheet so that in case of an accidental mistake, you may not lose data.

1- Select the range of cells having duplicate values.

2- Go to the Data tab, in the Data Tools section, click Remove Duplicates. Or alternatively, press Alt + A + M.

3- The Remove Duplicate box will appear. Keep checked all the boxes and press OK.

4- Result. All identical rows will be removed except the first identical.

To retain the required duplicate values from a column, simply un-check that column and press OK. For example, remove all those duplicates with the same date (Column A) and product name (Column B).

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