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How to filter in Excel

Filter in Excel is a feature, used to show the relevant information quickly from a whole data. For example, if you have sale data across the globe, through the filter you can find out quickly sale made in the UK during the specific tenure.

In this article, we will illustrate the use of the filter through a simple example (mentioned here under).

1- Select the data that you want to filter.

2- On the Data tab, click Filter in the Filter & Sort.

Filter Example

Shortcut key alert: To do the same Press Alt + A + T.

Arrows in column headers will appear.

3- Click the arrow in the column header (in our example, we will filter visits made to UK only)

4- Select UK option only from the appeared Filter menu and press OK.

Result. Excel will show visits made to UK only.

Remove a Filter

To remove the filter, press again Alt + A + T or Click Clear in the Sort & Filter section.

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