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HLOOKUP Function in Excel

HLOOKUP function is similar to the VLOOKUP function, however, the only difference is that it looks up and retrieves data from a selected horizontal row, instead of a vertical column.


For example, data mentioned in the screenshot below has item related detail. By using the HLOOKUP function, you can easily look up for a unit price against the selected Item ID.


The HLOOKUP function has the following arguments:

lookup_value – Required. The value to find from a given table.

table_array – Required. The data table from which to retrieve the lookup_value (desired value).

row_index_num – Required. The row number in the table containing the lookup_value.

[range_lookup] – Optional. The way to lookup. Available options are Approximate (TRUE) also default or Exact (FALSE) match.


For more detail, you can visit Microsoft Excel website.

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