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Hide/show rows or columns

Hide rows or columns

In Excel, a row or column can hide/ unhide among other rows or columns, for this, do the following steps:

1- Select a column to hide.

2- Do the following:

  • Press Ctrl + 0 (Zero).
  • Click Right and press Hide.

3- Results:

Show/ unhide rows or columns

To show the hidden column, do the following steps:

1- Select either side of hidden column.

2- Do the following:

  • Click Right and press Unhide.

3- Result:

How to unhide all rows or columns in a worksheet?

To show all hide rows or columns, to the following to select data:

  • Click the Select All Or
  • Press Ctrl +A.

After selecting, do the same as learned before in this article.

Note: For rows, same steps will be followed after selection of a pertinent row.

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