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Group data in Google Sheets

The group data feature enables you to visualize data into groups for a better display, you can also hide or show data in groups.

Execute following steps to group data in Google Sheets:

  1. Select the range of cells to group (A2:B4 in this example).

2. Visit the Data tab and select Group.

Shortcut alert: You may perform the same action by holding the Shift + Alt + pressing the right arrow key. Press Enter.

3- Result. A grey vertical block with minus sign will appear on the left side.

After clicking on the minus sign, the grouped row will hide and the sign will change to the Plus sign.

To group other rows, follow the same steps.

To unhide any row, just click on the relevant plus sign. (In this example, we will unhide the row # 9)

How to ungroup data

To ungroup data, do one of the following steps:

1- Select the data, visit the Data tab and select Ungroup.

2- Alternatively, hold the Shift key + Alt key + press the left arrow key. Press Enter.

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