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What is Genotype?

It is the genetic makeup of an organism which code for the phenotype. It is the totality of genes transmitted from parents to their offspring. It is completely heritable and is one of the three factors which can determine an individual’s phenotype. However, mutations of DNA which are acquired rather than inherited such as cancer mutations are not considered a part of an individual’s genotype but they are considered genotype of that particular cancer.

Not all organisms having the same genotype acquire same physical appearance/phenotype because it is not just a result of genotype but it is also influenced by environment. For example think of identical twins, they are very much similar to each other but they have individual differences too. Similarly, not all individuals which look alike have the same genotypes.


Examples include the genes which are responsible for, height, hair color, eye color and certain diseases etc.


It is responsible for a person’s phenotype which in turn is responsible for one’s individuality. It is also responsible for one’s ability to fight against certain diseases.

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