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Genotype and Phenotype

Genotype and phenotype are the words used to differentiate between the genetic makeup of the organism and the expression of genetic makeup. Because these are different terms, there are a few differences between them.

What is Genotype?

Genotype refers the genetic makeup of an organism which code for the phenotype. It is the sum of genes which are transmitted from parents to their offspring.

What is Phenotype?

Phenotype refers to the presence of observable physical characteristics of an organism. It is the result of the interaction an organism’s genetic makeup (genotype) and its surroundings.

Difference between Genotype and Phenotype

Genotype Phenotype
It is the genetic makeup of an organism. It is the expression of the genetic makeup of an organism.
It remains the same throughout life. It can change with time, for example, infant to adolescent to old.
It cannot be influenced by phenotype. It is influenced by genotype as well as the environment.
Different genotypes can produce similar phenotypes, for example, BB and Bb produce same brown eye color because of recessiveness of Allele b. Different phenotypes usually have different genotypes.
In a specific environment, similar genotype produces a similar phenotype. Same phenotypes may not belong to the same genotypes.
It cannot be influenced by environment. A changing environment can influence a change in the phenotype.
Examples include the genes which are responsible for, height, hair color, eye color and certain diseases etc. Examples include observable physical characteristics like eye color, skin color, hair color, and height etc.

Importance of Genotype and Phenotype

Genotype is responsible for a person’s phenotype which in turn is responsible for one’s individuality.

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