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Gamete and Zygote

 What is Gamete?

Gametes are the sex cells which are produced in sexually producing males and females. They take part in the process of fertilization. However, their types are different in male and female. Males produce smaller tailed gametes called sperms and females produce larger gametes called eggs. They are haploid (n) cells, they contain only one set of chromosomes. Which means it carries half the genetic material required to develop into a complete organism. Gametes contain half the DNA from either egg or sperm so it contains the characteristics of only one parent.

What is Zygote?

A zygote results from the fertilization between egg and sperm cell. It is a diploid (2n) cell which carries It has two sets of chromosomes. The zygote contains full DNA from both the gametes. It contains the characteristics of both parents. A zygote in later stages gives rise to a fetus.

Difference between Gamete and Zygote



Sex cell which takes part in fertilization Zygote is the product of fertilization

Two types:

Sperm and egg

Only one type
Contains haploid number of chromosomes Contains diploid number of chromosomes
Found in both male and female Found only in female

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