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Filter data in Google Sheets

The filter feature in Google Sheets enables you to focus on particular type of data. For example, you can filter to hide data that you do not want to see and you will still be able to see the hide data when you turn the filter off.

To apply a filter, execute the following steps:

1- Select a range of cells that you want to filter i.e. A2:A10 in our example.

2- In the Data tab, click Create a filter option.

3- A triangle button will appear on the top right corner of the first cell in the selected range.

4- After applying filter, click-right on the triangle button. Now you can sort A to Z, sort Z to A, filter by condition and filter by values.

Filter by condition

5- Suppose you want values less than 3. For this, click filter by condition > select less than > enter the value 3 > Press OK.

6- Result. You will get filtered data with values less than 3, remaining rows will be hidden.

For more conditions, select other options available.

Filter by values

To filter data based on values e.g. choose only those rows which have number 2 only.

5- Click Clear to unmark all selected values > type 2 > mark tick > Click OK.

6- Result.

Turn off filter

To turn off filter, go to the Data tab, select Turn off filter.

What are filter views

The filter views options enable you to save multiple filter views. For example, in our above mentioned examples, we filtered data two times, you can save views of both filters and still able to return to these later after you have reset the data.

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