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FALSE function in Excel


The FALSE function categorized as a Logical function and primarily used for compatibility with other spreadsheet programs. The function returns the Boolean value FALSE.

What is the Boolean value?

The Boolean data type is rooted from the idea of binary logic i.e. the numeric system uses only two digits – 0 or 1. In Excel, the Boolean values are either False or True.



The FALSE function’s syntax has no argument. You can also use the word False directly into a cell, instead of adding the syntax of the function. The Excel returns the same resutls.


Suppose, you want the result False if A1 is not greater than 10. By using the following formula =F(A1>10,TRUE,FALSE).

The formula returns the logical value False because the value in A1 is not greater than 10.

Related Functions

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IF function checks whether a specified condition is met or not.

OR function tests multiple logical conditions at the same time.

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