INTRATE function in Excel


INTRATE function is used to calculate the interest rate for a fully invested security.


=INTRATE(settlement, maturity, investment, redemption, [basis])

settlement – The date at which security after issuance is traded to the buyer.

maturity – The maturity date of the security.

investment – The investment made by the buyer in the security.

redemption – The amount to be received at the maturity date of the security.

[basis] – The optional argument used the type of day count basis to use.

Basis Day count basis
0 or omitted US (NASD) 30/360
1 Actual/actual
2 Actual/360
3 Actual/365
4 European 30/360


Suppose, a security with an investment cost of $1,000 will yield $1,500 on maturity, it has the settlement date of 1/1/2016 and maturity date of 12/31/2016.



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