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Excel DATEVALUE Function

Sometimes, when you import data in Excel from an external source or enter a date in a cell that is formatted as text. In result, Excel keeps the date as text formatted and shows as left-aligned in a cell (instead of showing right-aligned). In case, if you do not change the text format, you may confront issues like formula errors while working. So to change the format, either use the DATEVALUE function or convert text dates with two-digit year by using Error Checking.

For example, the formula =DATEVALUE(“06/15/2019”) returns the serial number 43631 in the Excel date system that represents June 15, 2019. 


The function has the following argument in the syntax:

DATEVALUE (date_text)

Where date_text is the text formatted date that you want to change into Excel’s date-time code.


Function Error

The DATEVALUE function returns the #VALUE! error, when a date formatted as date, is selected instead of date formatted as text.

For more detail, you can visit Microsoft Office Official website.

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